Research Group

Jennifer C. Stearns, PhD

Graduate Students

Bhavya Singh, Masters student, Chemical Biology Graduate Program

Colin Bruce, Masters student, Biochemistry Graduate Program

Miguel Vázquez Moreno, Co-supervised with Miguel Cruz, Mexican Social Security Institute

Undergraduate Students

Aelita Huang, 4th year thesis Biochemistry
Madison Kim, 4th year thesis BDC
Sarisha Philip, project course Arts and Science
Sevil Tabrizi Miandoab, 4th year thesis in Biochemistry


Sara Dizzell, MSc Research Assistant
Lucas Flett, MSc, Computational Sciences and Engineering
Luna ElDakiky, MSc, Medical Sciences

Sonya Cui
Nurefsan Davulcu
Clara Long
Laura Hogg
Katina Zheng
Justyna Zukowski
Nour Alyousef
Emily Johnston
Andrea Nunez
Aman Patel
Vivek Philips