We are hosting a IUSR scholar this summer

As part of the Indigenous Undergraduate Summer Research Scholars Program at McMaster University the Stearns lab will welcome Christie for 8 weeks starting in May 2017. Below is a description of the our plan for the summer.

Name of project and a brief description

  • In partnership with the Six Nations Reserve, a dietary trial is underway to study how a return to traditional foods affects the health and microbiota of indigenous individuals. The Healthy Roots study will look at clinical indicators of cardio-metabolic health from the blood and microbes in the stool of individuals before, during and after a dietary intervention trial. The student would be participating in aspects of microbial research in a basic research lab.

What would a typical day look like for an IUS Scholar?

  • The student will be taught laboratory techniques such as DNA extraction, bacterial culture and biochemical assays as well as some data analysis techniques. A typical day will involve a portion of his or her time being spent at the lab bench and the rest at the computer.

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